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The full video course is based on the classical Chinese textbook New Practical Chinese Reader Volume 1. The main content is from the textbook, including conversation, vocabulary, and grammar. There are 14 lessons in volume 1 in total.

The host teacher, Yoyo, will go through the main texts and emphasize the key points and usage of certain words or phrases, as well as illustrate the rules of grammar in a very clear and understandable way. Besides the content of the textbook, she will also add several additional knowledge points in each lesson, such as lessons from culture and language points-of-view. In each episode, there will be a review of the last lesson as well as a summary. The practice and “read after me” part will also help students get more familiar with the content.

There are additional attachments which contain the target texts with pinyin, so that even if you don`t have the textbook, you can also learn the lesson easily. Of course, if you are interested in getting the original textbook, you can check it out here: Textbook Vol. 1


  This course will help you learn to speak Chinese by teaching you the structure of the language, its function, and even interrelated and relevant details of Chinese culture. This includes lessons on listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

  To help you communicate in Chinese based on everyday situations.

  A quick quiz after each episode will help you test yourself to see if you have learned the lesson well.

  To help you gain mastery and proficiency in Chinese language, and learn a lot about the culture as well.

  You will attain HSK level 2 after taking the course.



  The learners must have a basic understanding of Chinese pinyin.

  The learners must have basic English abilities.


For whom:

   This course is good for all Chinese beginners who are interested in learning basic conversational Chinese

  It is also ideal for those who are inclined to learn Chinese just to explore the culture or to take advantage of business opportunities.


The text follows the story of Ding Libo and other international students as they live in China and learn about Chinese culture and society as they study contemporary Mandarin. The lessons emphasize the basic skills of reading, writing (simplified characters), speaking, and listening, with many supplementary exercises and illustrations. It has been compiled under the guidance of the new HSK Guidelines and prepared in consultation with NOTCFL Syllabus.


Structure of each lesson:

  Review (a brief review of what we`ve learned in the previous episode)

Conversation (the detailed explanation of the key words, sentences, and grammar points)

Listen & Practice (a general go-through of the key texts and practice areas on the target content)

Summary (a summary of what we learned in the episode)

Course Curriculum

All Lessons
Lesson 1: Greetings 00:18:00
NPCR1-Quiz1 00:10:00
Lesson 2: Are you busy? 00:25:00
NPCR1-Quiz2 00:10:00
Lesson 3: Where is she from? 00:26:00
NPCR1-Quiz3 00:10:00
Lesson 4: Nice to meet you 00:22:00
NPCR1-Quiz4 00:10:00
Lesson 5: Where is the dining room? FREE 00:22:00
NPCR1-Quiz5 00:10:00
Lesson 6: Review 00:23:00
NPCR1-Quiz6 00:10:00
Lesson 7: Do you know him or not? 00:37:00
NPCR1-Quiz7 00:10:00
Lesson 8: How many people are there in your family 00:44:00
NPCR1-Quiz8 00:10:00
Lesson 9: He`s 20 years old this year 00:43:00
NPCR1-Quiz9 00:10:00
Lesson 10: I buy CDs here 00:41:00
NPCR1-Quiz10 00:10:00
Lesson 11: I can speak a little Chinese FREE 00:36:00
NPCR1-Quiz11 00:10:00
Lesson 12: I don`t feel very well 00:56:00
NPCR1-Quiz12 00:10:00
Lesson 13: I met a pretty girl 00:59:00
NPCR1-Quiz13 00:10:00
Lesson 14:(Review)Merry Christmas 00:29:00

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