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Everyone knows that to become truly fluent in another language, you must be able to hear it as well as read it. With Dig Mandarin’s series of fun and informative podcasts, you can listen to a native Chinese narrator read the text while you follow along in both Chinese characters and pinyin. (There’s also an English translation.) The narrator speaks slowly and very clearly, which makes it easy for you hear both the words and their tones.

To help you apply what you have learned, each podcast highlights key vocabulary words for you to remember. Each podcast also ends with an interactive exercise, such as fill-in-the-blanks or choose the right answer, so you can test your knowledge.

More topics will be addressed soon, so you will want to return to this site frequently to see what new podcasts have been added!


Course Curriculum

All Lessons
#14: 美国总统大选与中国 The US Presidential Election and China 00:01:43
#13: 中国缅甸关系概述 Overview of China-Myanmar relations 00:01:20
#12: 最受欢迎的中国男人/女人五大特质 What Chinese People Look for in a Man/Woman 00:01:58
#11: 询问中国人的职业 Asking Chinese People About Work 00:02:25
#10: 中国情人节 Chinese Valentine`s Day 00:01:38
#009: 用中文称赞别人 Complimenting Someone in Chinese 00:00:57
#008: 和中国人聊天的好话题 Conversation Starters for talking with Chinese people 00:01:54
#007: 简直了Like, Totally 00:01:37
#006: 心塞 An Untranslatable Emotion 00:01:30
#005: 端午节 Traditions of the Dragon Boat Festival 00:01:30
#004: 天作之合a heavenly-made match 00:01:00
#003: 拍马屁 Flattering in Chinese 00:01:51
#002: 母亲节 Mother`s Day 00:01:20
#001: 中国 China Overview 00:01:44