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This Chinese HSK 2 Grammar course is designed for all Chinese level A2 beginners. It contains a full collection of all HSK 2 grammar points. Unlike other video lessons, this course not only summarizes each grammar point, but also clears some common confusion over key grammar rules. All the video lessons are hosted by two professional Chinese teachers who provide concise and clear lessons with plenty of examples. What`s more, at the end of each course, there are corresponding grammar exercises for you to check once you`ve mastered the content. After taking this course, you will be able to confidently say that you are qualified to pass HSK 2 grammar requirements and head on to the next level.

    23 video lessons

    28 grammar points illustration

    5 basic sentence structure summaries

    4 key grammar points comparison videos

    Supplementary text materials

    Downloadable HSK 2 Vocabulary (with Audios and Examples) included


Course Curriculum

HSK 2 Grammar Lessons
#Lesson 1 – The Three Common Uses of 多(duō) in Chinese FREE 00:09:00
#Lesson 2 – The Two Common Uses of Adverb 都(dōu) in Chinese 00:04:00
#Lesson 3 – The Summary of The Adverb 还(hái) in Chinese 00:05:00
#Lesson 4 – The Summary of The Adverb 就(jiù) in Chinese 00:04:00
#Lesson 5 – The Common Three Uses of 吧(ba) in Chinese 00:05:00
#Lesson 6 – The Two Common Uses of 着(zhe) in Chinese 00:06:00
#Lesson 7 – The verb reduplication in Chinese 00:08:00
#Lesson 8 – The adjective reduplication in Chinese 00:10:00
#Lesson 9 – The Comparison Between 从(cóng) and 离(lí) 00:10:00
#Lesson 10 – The Comparison Between 一点儿(yī diǎn er) and 有点儿(yǒu diǎn er) 00:07:00
#Lesson 11 – The Comparison Between 真(zhēn) and 很(hěn) 00:06:00
#Lesson 12 – The Summary of 过(guò) & The Comparison Between 过(guò) and 了(le) 00:07:00
#Lesson 13 – The Comparison Between 别(bié) and 不要(bùyào) 00:06:00
#Lesson 14 – The Summary of the Pivotal Sentence “让(ràng)” 00:10:00
#Lesson 15 – The Comparative Sentence “比(bǐ)” Sentence FREE 00:15:00
#Lesson 16 – Yes-No Question & Affirmative-Negative Question in Chinese 00:12:00
#Lesson 17 – The Summary of 要(yào)/快(kuài)/快要(kuàiyào)/就要(jiùyào)……了 00:12:00
#Lesson 18 – The Summary of The Progressive Tense Pattern 在(zài)/正在(zhèngzài)/正(zhèng)……呢(ne) 00:08:00
#Lesson 19 – The Result Complement in Chinese: 结果补语 00:07:00
#Lesson 20 – The Potential Complement in Chinese: 可能补语 00:06:00
#Lesson 21 – The Degree Complement in Chinese: 程度补语 00:08:00
#Lesson 22 – The Quantitative Complement in Chinese: 数量补语 00:06:00
#Lesson 23 – The Simple Directional Complements in Chinese: 简单趋向补语 00:03:00
Download: HSK 2 Vocabulary (with Audios and Examples) 00:00:00

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  1. HSK 2 Grammar Review Eye Opener

    This HSK 2 Grammar course is an eye opener. I have been self-studying Chinese for about 1.5 years just using the Integrated Chinese textbook and workbook with audio. I am currently preparing for the HSK 2 exam (November). During my study time, I mastered most of the vocabulary (300 characters). However, I was never able to get a clear understanding on the grammar and how to use it in sentences. This grammar course really made it easy for me to understand how to translate the Chinese sentences. Without this grammar course, I would not feel prepared to take the HSK 2 exam. Thank you DigMandarin for providing this information. Anyone studying Chinese at an introductory level will find it very useful.

  2. HSK 2 Grammer

    Excellent course! Learned quite a bit.

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