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“Practical Chinese Course Level 2” is tailored for non Chinese speakers to learn Chinese, starting from a beginner level. Composed of 15 lessons / 89 videos, this course will move you beyond HSK 2 level. In addition, it includes everything to meet the requirements of HSK 2 exam.

Lesson videos are designed in a fun and engaging way, which over 90% of the content is animated. It aims to provokes your interests, while allowing you to learn enjoyably and effectively.

In each lesson, there’s a set downloadable lecture notes, which covers completely the lesson’s content, and a set of exercises will be provided. A full vocabulary list will be provided by the end of course.

What Will I Learn?

  Reach HSK 2 level

  Learn over 150 vocabulary

  Essential grammar

  Hold a short conversation

  Recognising and know how to write some characters

What’s included in each lesson?

  Downloadable lecture notes

  Downloadable exercises & Chinese characters practice

  A full vocabulary list

How’s the course designed?

  15 lessons, with 81 sessions (6 hours in total)

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginner level
  • Students who have slight Chinese language background
  • Students who have completed HSK1
  • Students who’d like to revise or consolidate the knowledge from HSK2

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1
1.1-Travelling 00:08:00
1.2-Additional Notes on ‘要yào’ 00:02:00
1.3-What sports do you like 00:02:00
1.4-Buy new chairs 00:03:00
1.5-Which part you think it looks the prettiest 00:03:00
L1 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 2
2.1-I rarely get sick FREE 00:07:00
2.2-Use of ‘Every, Each’ FREE 00:01:00
2.3-Take the medicine FREE 00:03:00
2.4-How tall is he FREE 00:04:00
2.5-Take a rest FREE 00:04:00
L2 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 3
3.1-Reply-with ‘是, 不是-yes, no’ 00:03:00
3.2-How much is it bought at 00:05:00
3.3-Delivering 00:06:00
3.4-New ‘side’ 00:04:00
3.5-Colours 00:02:00
3.6-This room is really pretty 00:06:00
3.7-Did you see my cup 00:01:00
L3 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 4
4.1-Happy Birthday 00:05:00
4.2-The phone call is made by who 00:04:00
4.3-When did you start playing football 00:05:00
4.4-How long have you been working here 00:05:00
L4 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 5
5.1-Just cook the fish 00:06:00
5.2-It’s not bad 00:07:00
5.3-Thinking about my exam 00:03:00
5.4-Drink too much coffee isn’t good to health 00:06:00
5.5-Seasons 00:02:00
5.6-Eating utensils 00:03:00
L5 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 6
6.1-I saw his bike 00:02:00
6.2-I’ve been eating lamb every day 00:06:00
6.3-Do you swim often 00:05:00
6.4-Go to school, Go to lesson 00:03:00
6.5-Visiting 00:01:00
L6 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 7
7.1-He’s still studying 00:03:00
7.2-Arriving in 20 minutes 00:09:00
7.3-It’s far from here 00:10:00
7.4-Introduction of ‘过guò’ 00:05:00
7.5-Spending birthdays 00:05:00
L7 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 8
8.1-Let me have a thought 00:06:00
8.2-What’s the matter 00:06:00
8.3-Servicing people 00:04:00
8.4-This clothing is a little expensive 00:03:00
8.5-‘verb-verb’, ‘verb一下’, ‘verb一verb’ 00:03:00
L8 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 9
9.1-Binary question Past tense 00:05:00
9.2-You called the wrong number 00:03:00
9.3-‘From’ 00:01:00
9.4-First-time to dance 00:04:00
9.5-Who were you with 00:04:00
9.6-Can I learn dancing with you 00:03:00
9.7-verbs-results completion 00:07:00
9.8-Applications-‘verbs-results completion’ 00:03:00
L9 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 10
10-1-Good for your Chinese learning 00:06:00
10.2-Watching TV is not good to your eyes 00:01:00
10.3-The doctor asked you to listen to me 00:04:00
10.4-He’s on the way back at the moment 00:04:00
10.5-Have you seen my cell phone 00:04:00
10.6-Saying ‘and’ 00:03:00
L10 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 11
11.1-He’s sung for a long time 00:06:00
11.2-Comparing 00:04:00
11.3-Comparing II 00:05:00
11.4-It’s cheaper than yesterday 00:05:00
11.5-You probably don’t know her 00:04:00
L11 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 12
12.1-得dé 00:10:00
12.2-得dé-s-Application 00:04:00
12.3-Minus 10 degrees 00:03:00
12.4-He wants to live closer 00:01:00
L12 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 13
13.1-verb-着zhe 00:05:00
13.2-着zhe’s Application 00:01:00
13.3-She’s smiling while speaking 00:04:00
13.4-Use of ‘长zhǎng’ 00:07:00
13.5-一直yìzhí, 往wǎng 00:03:00
13.6-Go straight ahead 00:02:00
L13 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 14
14.1-But I’ve watched it 00:03:00
14.2-I’ve been to China for a good few times 00:03:00
14.3-次cì-times-measure term 00:03:00
14.4-Go by yourself 00:03:00
14.5-I’ve bought once from here 00:01:00
L14 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Lesson 15
15.1-The New Year is coming 00:06:00
15.2-Time has gone so quickly 00:03:00
15.3-It’s already 00:04:00
15.4-It’s soon raining 00:05:00
15.5-See you in a short while 00:03:00
L15 Notes and Practices 00:00:00
Conversational Speaking Practices
Speaking Practice-L1-2 00:02:00
Speaking Practice-L3-4 00:01:00
Speaking Practice-L5-6 00:01:00
speaking Practice-7-8 00:02:00
Speaking Practice-9-10 00:02:00
Speaking Practice-11-12 00:02:00
Speaking Practice-13-14 00:01:00
Speaking Practice-L15 00:02:00
Full Vocabulary List 00:00:00

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