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This course aims to broaden and deepen ones understanding of Chinese characters! Through video lessons, the learner will go through a process of learning about characters, their creation, how they formed, and how they ended up in their modern form. There are 10 different lessons with topics ranging from numbers, weather, and the human body. Each video lesson will consist of a break-down of the characters, their origin, commonly used grammar patterns, and then a stroke-by-stroke writing tutorial of the character. Each lesson also comes with quizzes and downloadable writing sheets to practice the characters. This course is ideal for beginner-intermediate learners who wish to broaden their knowledge of Chinese characters, culture, and strengthen their vocabulary. If you are interested, please read below for more details!

Course Content:

  • 10 topic-based lessons
  • 3 hours 40 minutes in total
  • 204 new words
  • 244 new Chinese characters

Lesson Structure:

Each video lesson consists of two main parts: the instruction and the writing section. The video will start with the instruction. The instructor Lesley Xu will introduce characters related to the topic. They will then break down the character and briefly explain the history. Practice is next. The instructor will show commonly used sentences and grammar points related to the word. They will explain a bit of the grammar used in the sentences, but the main focus is on the character building. After the instruction is over, the instructor will give a step-by-step tutorial on how to write the character. These can be practiced on the downloadable character writing practice sheets.

Additional Learning Materials:

  • Downloadable quiz and exercises for each lesson
  • Downloadable character practice writing sheet

For Whom:

  • Elementary-intermediate level learners who are interested in learning more Chinese characters.
  • Ideal for those who are learning Chinese to explore the culture


  • Have a basic understanding of Chinese
  • Know the basics of Chinese character stroke order

What you can get after taking this course:

  • This course will help you learn to recognize and write over 244 Chinese characters and 204 new words;
  • Help you be able to communicate about daily topics;
  • Help you be more familiar with methods of Chinese characters and lay a foundation for further Chinese study;
  • A quick quiz after each lesson will help you test yourself to see if you have absorbed what you are learning;
  • To help you gain mastery and proficiency in the Chinese language, and to learn about the culture as well.

Course Curriculum

All Lessons
Lesson 1: Numbers 数字 00:12:00
Lesson 2: People 人 00:20:00
Lesson 3: Position 位置 00:14:00
Lesson 4: Nature 自然 00:18:00
Lesson 5: Weather 天气 00:20:00
Lesson 6: Adj. 形容词 00:16:00
Lesson 7: Location 地点 00:26:00
Lesson 8: Body 身体 00:27:00
Lesson 9:Furniture & Home appliance 家具&家电 00:27:00
Lesson 10: Food 食物 00:25:00

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