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This Chinese HSK 1 Grammar course is designed for all Chinese level A1 beginners. It contains a full collection of all HSK 1 grammar points. Unlike other video lessons, this course not only summarizes each grammar point, but also clears some common confusion over key grammar rules. All the video lessons are hosted by two professional Chinese teachers who provide concise and clear lessons with plenty of examples. What`s more, at the end of each lesson, there are corresponding grammar exercises for you to check once you`ve mastered the content. After taking this course, you will be able to confidently say that you are qualified to pass HSK 1 grammar requirements and head on to the next level.

    14 video lessons

    20 grammar points illustration

    3 basic sentence structure summaries

    5 key grammar points comparison videos

    Supplementary text materials

    Downloadable HSK 1 Vocabulary (with Audios and Examples) included


Course Curriculum

HSK 1 Grammar Lessons
#Lesson 1: How to Count Numbers in Chinese 00:10:00
#Lesson 2: How to Express Time in Chinese FREE 00:09:00
#Lesson 3: How to Express Dates in Chinese 00:10:00
#Lesson 4: The summary of “的(de)” in Chinese 00:09:00
#Lesson 5: The Basic Sentence Structure in Chinese 00:14:00
#Lesson 6: General Questions 吗(ma) and 呢(ne) FREE 00:14:00
#Lesson 7: The Summary of Wh-Questions in Chinese 00:25:00
#Lesson 8: The summary of “是(shì)……的(de)” Sentence in Chinese 00:10:00
#Lesson 9: The difference between 不(bù) and 没(méi) 00:10:00
#Lesson 10: The difference between “二(èr)” and “两(liǎng)” in Chinese 00:10:00
#Lesson 11: 会 (huì) and 能 (nénɡ) 00:07:00
#Lesson 12: Three Special Sentence Structures 00:09:00
#Lesson 13: The Summary of “了(le)” in Chinese 00:09:00
#Lesson 14: Serial Verbs Sentence 00:09:00
Download: HSK 1 Vocabulary (with Audios and Examples) 00:00:00

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  1. amazing course

    It is an amazing course, also the course structure is designed well and easy to follow, thanks

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