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As the Chinese culture grows and evolves, young Chinese people create lots of new vocabulary or sentence patterns to match the changing global trends. This is the lesson we are going to cover during this course. You will not find these modern and current buzzwords in the textbooks. Here, you will find a lot of jokes and fashionable expressions used by the Chinese youth. If you want to speak authentic Mandarin Chinese and understand native Chinese speakers properly, this is a course you should not miss. It will constantly be updated, so join the course now and get to know the hottest buzzwords anytime!

Course Curriculum

All Lessons
#01: How to Say Handsome or Cute 00:02:18
#02: How to Switch between Chinese and English 00:03:11
#03: How to Switch between Chinese and English (Part 2) 00:04:02
#04: How to say Fans 00:04:50
#05: Fashionable Acronyms 生快,立马,城会玩 00:05:13
#06: How to Describe Experienced People 老司机 00:03:43
#07: Lying/cheating 坑爹 00:03:58
#08: Ridiculous/Unbelievable 扯蛋 00:03:28
#09: Photogenic 上镜 00:02:33
#10: Good & Bad Students 学霸,学渣 00:03:59
#11: How to say “Imagine” 脑补 00:03:56
#12: How to say “Attractive” 销魂 00:03:55
#13: iPhone and Apple Fans 果粉 00:04:22
#14: Ways to say “A Little Bit” 一丢丢 00:04:06
#15: How to say “Computer Programmer” 码农 00:03:39
#16: New way to say “Very/Too…” 不要不要的 00:00:46
#17: How to say “No Money/Poor” 吃土 00:03:44
#18: Fun with China Team 番茄炒鸡蛋 00:03:42
#19: Brainstorming/Creation 脑洞 00:04:33
#20: Good photos on Cellphones 舔屏 00:02:50