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Now there’s a fantastic new way for Chinese learners to take their Chinese to the next level and go beyond the basics! Ideal for people who already have some introductory knowledge, this course will enable students to go further in daily Chinese conversation.

Course Curriculum

All Lessons
#1 Saying Hello Without “你好” 00:07:00
#2 9 Real Ways to Ask and Answer Questions About Age in Chinese 00:07:00
#3 A Dozen Different Ways to Say “Goodbye” 00:05:00
#4 Formal and Informal Ways to Show Appreciation With “Thank You” in Chinese 00:06:00
#5 Formal and Informal Ways to Say “You’re Welcome” in Chinese 00:04:00
#6 Four Ways to Say “I think…” in Chinese 00:06:00
#7 9 Simple Ways to Give Compliments in Chinese 00:08:00
#8 Politely Responding to Compliments in Chinese 00:09:00
#9 Various Ways to Say “No” in Chinese 00:07:00
#10 Polite (and not-so polite) Ways to Refuse 00:07:00
#11 How to show people you care in Chinese 00:06:00
#12 Saying Sorry and Accepting Apologies 00:07:00
#13 Ways To Ask “What Are You Doing?” 00:06:00
#14 Talking About Where Are You From 00:07:00
#15 Some Common Uses of 好 00:06:00

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